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Luke is Vlogging: the EXCELLENCE class airplane seat

Luke is upgraded to an Excellence Class airplane seat and decides to vlog the entire experience. For those who don’t get the joke, watch Casey Neistat’s video: THE $21,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT

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Apple Watch – Not normally an early adopter

I think I’ve learned good lessons from my first ever try at being an early adopter. I bought an iPod Nano, years after the first iPod came out, and after years of using non-Apple mp3 players. It was magic! I … Continue reading

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Luke vs Luke 2014

Also on vimeo and It’s been two years since Luke Wilson died. I wrote about it at the time, but I also fell sideways into doing something more than writing. There are some tricks or sequences that I really … Continue reading

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Spring Injuries 2014

In March I was moving a bounce juggling table (a massive slab of marble attached to a big bit of wood) in my cellar. I leant it up against a wall, turned my back on it, and it fell over. … Continue reading

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Movies I watched in 2013

I looked back through the movies I watched in 2013 and made some lists. I watched 61 movies (at least, I think I missed a few). Overall, I think I had a good year watching movies. Yup! (knew/heard it was … Continue reading

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