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Broken Glass – new novel released (for free)

I finally got round to finishing the final edits of Broken Glass, the final novel in the Minding Tomorrow trilogy. You can read it here, though it’s worth reading Minding Tomorrow and Combat first, or else it will make no … Continue reading

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I’d like to explain why I like to avoid spoilers. Emotions. My definition of art is something created by human agency with the intention of eliciting an emotional response from the viewer/reader/listener/participant/etc. This isn’t an unassailable definition, but as an … Continue reading

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Idea: every story is based on a true story.

I recently read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and I noticed that so many of these fantastical stories from the 19th Century are frame stories. I love the idea that the author didn’t make up these stories, but … Continue reading

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New fiction – Get that rat off my face!

I just published a new science fiction novella that I wrote last year! You can find it here: Get that rat off my face! It’s totally free, released under a creative commons license. Blurb about the story: thought experiment: noun … Continue reading

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Elite Skeptics, Elitist Skeptics, and me.

Many people get a lot of attention on the internet for saying or writing things like “Atheist and skeptics are just the same as religious people!” They go on to say things like “Skeptics like to take down the beliefs … Continue reading

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