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Gods and Platypuses: The Ignostic Non-Beliefer.

Someone asked me about my “religious status” on Facebook, and I thought it would make a good blog post. I’ve written on my blog a few time about how I used to be a Christian and now I’m a non-Christian. … Continue reading

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Elite Skeptics, Elitist Skeptics, and me.

Many people get a lot of attention on the internet for saying or writing things like “Atheist and skeptics are just the same as religious people!” They go on to say things like “Skeptics like to take down the beliefs … Continue reading

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Nigel Green vs Jesus (comment conversation)

Here on my blog I shared a podcast I recorded with Rym and Scott of the Geeknights podcast. In it we talk about the Jesus Myth Hypothesis, which looks at the character of Jesus as portrayed in the Bible, and … Continue reading

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GeekNights special: The Historicity of the Bible with Luke Burrage

I was a guest on the GeekNights podcast again. We recorded this back in September, so I can’t remember exactly what we covered, but apparently I speak very quickly. “Tonight on GeekNights, we end the year with a discussion we … Continue reading

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Guest appearance on the GeekNights podcast.

While I was in New York, I joined Rym and Scott from the GeekNights podcatst. We chatted for a long time about various topics. We started with the fun topic of Spiritual Experiences from an Atheist Perspective which I also … Continue reading

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