Moving mess

I realized that the photos I’ve been putting on craigslist to sublet my apartment are really old, and after the spring/summer decorating the place looks completely different now. I still want to do more work. For example, the flooring in the dining room (I want nice wooden floors instead of carpets, but I don’t have the time or motivation to do that now, and the old floor was so shit it had to be covered with something), and I still want to put a fireman’s pole from the bedroom to the living room area. Also, the photos in the dining room are still not any kind of final choice, and now I’ve blown some images up larger as tests, I’m not happy with the cheap frames.

Today I moved various amounts of mess around, and took photos that will hopefully encourage people to want to stay here while I’m away. The reality is that I’ve got juggling clubs strewn across the floor, and the couch looks more like an office with all the papers and books than somewhere to sit.

So if anyone wants to swap places to live, I’m looking for somewhere in New York for most of September…

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  1. dad says:

    Mum and dad would stay forever…we so love Berlin….

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