“Mocking the WJF” … yawn.

My epic failure of a WJF balls routine was posted on YouTube a few days ago. I’d put a link to it, but it really isn’t worth watching. The kind of tricks the World Juggling Federation wants aren’t the kind of tricks I’m particularly interested in performing, so my routine was put together a few minutes before the preliminaries by saying to Norbi; “Write this one down… and how about this one?”

As it happens, I didn’t expect to get through the preliminaries, as my routine was woefully short of Advanced Level Juggling Tricks. Er… Moves, sorry.

To the point: the info on the top right of the video says “Luke Burrage attempts to mock the WJF competitions while trying to juggle in a WJF competition. Cheers.”

Can’t we just forget about this now? Jason Garfield just keeps banging on about this one, and to be honest, it’s really wearing thin.

It turns out the main bone of contention is the song I used. As so many people have asked for it over the last few days (this was, in fact, how I found out about the video) I’ve uploaded it here. Jason keeps moaning that it directly mocks the WJF. In a way it does. And I used it as a joke.

Here’s the real kicker: Jason knew I was going to use the music well in advance! It was played during my preliminary run. THAT was my joke; to play it while Jason was sitting right in front of me. I expected him to say “You can’t use that music tomorrow” or “we don’t allow music tracks with lyrics” and I’d have said “No problem!” But he didn’t say anything, so I just let it slide.

And now, two years later he is still moaning, even though he had the knowledge and the capability to halt it before it even became the huge issue it is in his head right now. You know what else he could have done? Pressed stop on the CD during the actual routine. You know what else? Not moan about it afterward, and everyone would have forgotten the entire thing. You know what else? Not put the routine on the DVD. You know what else? Not post the video on YouTube two years later. You know what else? Don’t reply to all the comments under the video, stirring things up again TWO YEARS later.

And to think I wasn’t going to write such a long post about it, and just post a link to the mp3 file… I guess Jason’s masochism, how he continually punches himself in the face, time and time again,sometimes makes others comment on his stupidity.

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