Why I blog.

From an email I just wrote:

However, my blog really isn’t about numbers or even the readers. The
subtitle is “A place for Luke to share all his stuff” which means also
to share with the future me. If ever I need to find a photo to show
someone, of a place I’ve visited, or I need to find a video, or a
story, or anything I’ve produced online in the last two years, I just
search my blog. It is for me to keep track of things I’ve done, just
as much as it is for other people to see what I’ve done. There are
years of creative output and stories and places that I shared online
before this blog, but now I can’t find them online, or even on my hard
drive. To keep it all in one place is the main reason I keep doing
this. I just wish I’d kept up blogging from the first time I tried it
back in 2001.

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