Jugglers’ Calendar 2011

I decided a fun way to share some of my photography would be to collect various portraits of jugglers into a 2011 calendar (plus Jan 2012). This is the perfect gift for the New Year, from me to you.

I have no permissions from any of these jugglers, so while I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you printing out a calendar, don’t try to make money with these images or anything like that. The images were captured at the four juggling conventions I attended this year, mostly during performances.

Here is the zip file of high resolution jpgs.

The jugglers are:

January: Patrik Elmnert and Wes Peden. Tempei Arakawa.

February: Guillaume Martinet and Stefan Sing. Pol and Freddy.

March: Sophie Zoletnik. Erik Aberg.

April: Jan Frisch. Intrika. Jay Gilligan and Eric.

May: Petter Wadsten. Viktor Gyllenberg.

June: Marco Paoletti. Zap.

July: Stefan and Cristiana in Tangram.

August: Declan Mee. Jochen Pfeiffer and Bar Mualem.

September: Eric Longequel. Cie Ea Eo.

October: Komei Aoki. Rumpel.

November: Daniel Shultz. Frida Odden and Luke Wilson.

December: Audrey Decaillon. Emilia Tau and Leo Cristiani.

January 2012: Bertrand Caudevelle aka. Beber. Morgan Cosquer.

I hope you enjoy these images!

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  1. Romain

    on 2010/12/31 at 11:39 -

    For April it’s not Jan Frisch but Yann Frisch.
    Really good work :)

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