Berlin Buddy Bears in Buenos Aires

The mascot of Berlin is the bear. To prove the point, hundreds of large fiberglass “Buddy” bears were made to decorate the city. They proved a big hit, and now they ravel the world almost as much as I do, although at a slower rate.

I found them all lined up in Buenos Aires, and they made me think of home. I decided to take a picture of every single one. Each is painted to represent a different country, so there are quite a lot. Instead of uploading all the photos individually I made this video. It runs through all the photos twice so you can get a better look.

Music by Goran Bregovic.

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3 Responses to Berlin Buddy Bears in Buenos Aires

  1. tektonick says:

    Very neat! The simultaneous gap in sound and video is clever and, for some curious reason, funny.

    A while ago I saw those bears in Zurich – not lined up though, but spread out all over the city. And even longer ago I went to a concert of Fanfare Ciocarlia, a Roma brass band, which sounded very much like the video soundtrack. Two hours of that and your brain starts dripping out of your ears…

  2. tektonick says:

    Hmm, according to the web site, the bears have never been to Zurich… I wonder what I saw there. Definitely bears, also all painted differently. Cheap knock-offs? What, in Switzerland?!

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