Wrapping up plans and goals for 2010.

Soooooo…. that was quite a marathon of blog posts about what I did in 2010! Maybe soon I’ll get round to posting my plans and goals for 2011. Again, this shit is as much for me to keep track of what I’ve done than for anyone bored enough to read the more wordy posts to this blog.

At the end of my original 2010 blog post I reduced the entire list down to 2 points, the two most important plans and goals for 2010:

The first was to continue working on cruise ships, and continue improving my solo show. This has been a great success, and I’m better than ever, with many prospects for the future.

The second was to work very hard on my Room Theatre Project, which has been a failure considering my lofty expectations at the beginning of the year. I think I set my goals too high.

In fact, I think I remember saying that the two goals worked against each other, as one relied on me being away from Berlin, and the other relied on me being in Berlin. It turned out “away from Berlin” won out, and whenever I was in Berlin I was concentrating on other projects, and socializing, and just relaxing at home, rather than trying to work on entire new show.

Again, I’m going to let this inform any plans I make for 2011 and beyond.

In conclusion: 2010 proved to be a very productive year! And a lot of fun. How can it not be fun? I have the best job in the world, one which leaves me almost as much free time as it is possible to have.

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