Miscellaneous plans and goals section in 2010.

“Get better at speaking German. I plan to hire a personal tutor, as regular classes don’t work with my schedule.”

Half and half. I didn’t manage to work with any private tutor, but I do think my German improved this year, despite spending far less than half of my time in Germany. I managed to perform my full show in German twice, and I was very happy with that. It’s certainly something I want to improve more in the future, but learning German is, by far, the most difficult thing I have ever done. Forget learning how to juggle, or anything else in these plans and goals lists; learning a language just kills me.

“Try to spend a few hours a week in the gym whenever I’m on a cruise ship.”

I kept this up for while, for a few cruises, but it wasn’t the last. My health and fitness varied throughout the year, the story of which could almost make blog post in its own right, but generally I’m quite healthy. I have very little need to spend time in a gym.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

It’s a fail anyway.

“Spend more time with friends.”

Win. This mainly comes down to making new friends as well, and getting into better routines while in Berlin.

“Make new friends.”

Win. It was good to make new friends in Berlin, but who aren’t jugglers, and didn’t know me as one half of a now defunct relationship. Handy!

“Have sex.”

Win. The details are for me and my private diary, not my blog, but needless to say it was one of the first things I ticked off this list in 2010.

“Maybe buy a new laptop. This macbook has served me well for almost two years, but I’m doing more and more music and video and photo editing, and it’s struggling a bit. I think I’ll buy a full spec 13″ MacBook Pro, and upgrade to a solid state hard drive for super quick load times. ”

Win. I actually bought a 15 inch MacBook Pro. It’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought except for a car. But I think it’s worth it, considering I use it daily and constantly.

This section: 4.5 wins versus 1.5 fails. Not bad.

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