Current Trip – Baltic cities.

On Wednesday I got a call from my agent about a last minute gig. I said I’d do it. The gig was confirmed at 5pm Thursday, and I was on the plane by 7:40pm. Today, Friday, I find myself in the delightful city of Tallinn, Estonia! Here’s the map of the trip (from

Baltic May 2009

Baltic May 2009

As you can see from the image, next I go to St Petersburg. I stay there for two days. I’m really looking forward to this because it will be my first time visiting Russia.

The last cruise ship I was on, the HAL Europa, is in St Petersburg on Sunday, the same as my current ship. I hope to meet up with some of the cast/musicians who I got to know on the Atlantic crossing. I said to them: “Hey, I might get a cruise in the Baltic in May, I might see you there!” Of course, never expected that to be the case. But the two ships will probably be next to each other at the cruise port, so I’ll probably be able to track them down.

Next up are Helsinki and Stockholm, two cities I’ve visited before, but only in wintertime (for various juggling conventions). Then there’s two days at sea, a stop in Dover, and a flight back from Heathrow to Berlin.

Plans for this trip:
– Finish reading and review two novels (Little Brother and The Final Circle of Paradise).
– Write some more my novel (codename: Human Danger).
– Write an article for Kaskade (the European juggling magazine).
– Redesign my professional juggling website (currently the images are broken and it looks rather drab).
– Do two kickass shows (shorter shows than recent attempts).
– Take some interesting photos and get some new footage for my year long juggling travel video.

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