club classroom #8 backwards overhead toe throw

After not trying this trick for about 10 years, I gave it a go at the EJC. It took a while to “click” but then it was easy again. Fun.

Weirdly, later in the day I had to juggle 5 clubs on stage. I typically begin my 5 club routine by kicking up from 4 into 5 clubs. The timing of the standard kickup is very different to this toe throw, in that there are fewer setup throws with 4, and that kicked club is way lower, and that it lands in my right hand not my left hand. In the show I began juggling 4 clubs, and my mind went totally blank. I did the setup throws that I’d tried earlier, videoing this trick, and not the normal setup I do on stage. After three tries without my brain catching up, I just stopped 4 clubs completely, and did high kickup as a triple, going directly into 5 clubs.

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