classroom #1: club squeeze catches

Yesterday I played volleyclub. I like to play with two club tricks between points and games, as that is the natural thing for a juggler holding two clubs to do. I decided to see how many two club squeeze catches I could do in a row between points, and I got a bit obsessed with this routine.

After the tournament (and a swim in the sea and a shower) I got even more obsessed, and actually thought I could string 9 different squeeze catches together in one sequence. Turns out, with practice, anything is possible. Each one of the tricks is possible after a few minutes of practice, but getting them solid enough to link together in a routine takes more time. I’ve done all these tricks before, so after an hour of practice I did the routine without a drop. I bailed on the fire show, and took another 15 goes at the routine before I managed it again. Check it out:

What you get to see (and try for yourself):
– flat throw squeeze catch
– single spin squeeze catch
– double spin squeeze catch
– flat front half spin squeeze catch
– flat front single spin squeeze catch
– flat front double spin squeeze catch
– flat front single spin to reverse-grip squeeze catch
– flat front flat throw bulb to bulb squeeze catch
– as yet unnamed throw and squeeze catch

Thanks to Wes Peden for the name of the video.

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