ePub format of “Minding Tomorrow”

There’s now an ePub version of my novel “Minding Tomorrow” available to download. ePub files are the most universally accepted format for eBook readers, and the format used by Stanza for the iPhone. I also put up some instructions on how to transfer it over to your iPhone if you don’t know already.

I got some more feedback too. It seems people like the twist (although I made sure there is a lot more going on than just a twist):

“Finished the novel today and I absolutely loved it. What a twist. I will surely read it again right now, knowing what is going on… Can hardly wait for the sequels.”

“I thought it was a really enjoyable read. Definitely old school science fiction… This is one of the few books I’m likely to read twice, as second time through it’ll be interesting to see if I can pick up all the references that were only incidental on the first reading.”

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