My own podcasts 1: The Juggling Podcast

I record two podcasts about two of my favourite hobbies: juggling and science fiction novels. Both of them have the most boring names possible. This is intentional. I like it when you can say a name people instantly know what they are getting.

The Juggling Podcast is one I usually record with Pola, and we talk about our travels and shows we do and shows we see. We do interviews with lots of famous and some not so famous jugglers. We do workshops about performing and various other topics. The thing is, we haven’t recorded a new episode for two months, and there was a two month gap before the last one too. This is down to a number of factors:

1. We’ve been away from home for ages.
2. We’ve not been to a juggling convention since the EJC.
3. I’ve been in a lot of pain from a trapped sciatic nerve and haven’t been juggling much.
4. We’ve both been working hard on other projects.

Of course, we don’t intend to “podfade” entirely. Once we get inspired by new topics and find new people to talk to we’ll start producing podcasts more regularly again. You can subscribe using this feed.

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