Air Bounce Tricks (a juggling video)

Another studio video, presenting some interesting patterns… or at least they are interesting to me. In each of these patterns, balls are bouncing off each other in the air.

I came up with these techniques years ago and try them out every now and then… but only in private! I’ll never use these tricks in performance, so after a conversation earlier this week I thought I’d stick the basic ideas in a video.

Normally I do these tricks with silicone balls, but it is almost impossible for the viewer to work out what is happening unless the balls are different colours. I have many more multiplex patterns that are just too hard with these large stage balls.

Some distinct techniques I use are:

– near-hand side by side air bounces.
– high side by side air bounces.
– near-hand underside air bounces. These look much like a cascade throw, but sends the incoming ball back to the hand that threw it.
– repeated near-hand underside air bounces. Like above, but twice in a row. Again, you’ll only see this if you aren’t colourblind.
– side by side air bounces with multiplexes.
– high three quarter air bounces. These are thrown asynchronous, glance in the air and land synchronously.
– high and near-hand side by side air bounces. I do this twice with four balls.
– mulitplexed three ball air bounce.
– non-multiplexed three ball air bounce. Throw one ball up, then hit it from underneath with another two. A fun trick!

Enjoy the video, and enjoy trying the tricks.

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  1. Jim Phillips says:

    Impressive. Why would you not use these in a performance? I understand they might be hard to see when on-stage, but I would think that they could go in a street performance nicely.

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