Some news…

I’ve been a bit unwell this week, and haven’t felt like blogging. But I have done other stuff. Here’s some things, in no particular order:

I made a video showing a large majority of all the photos Pola and I took of ourselves while holding the camera at arm’s length. It wasn’t something I planned to do, but I wanted to get all the photos from the last 5 years into one place (and backed up in another place) and to do this only took an hour or so:

Second, I released a new episode of the Science Fiction Book Review Podcast.

Of course, I went to the British Juggling Convention. I didn’t take a camera with me though, so have nothing to share. I’ll be writing a review/report/article for the Kaskade magazine though, and I might do a Juggling Podcast episode.

Today I bought myself a new DSLR camera. Pola’s keeping the Canon 400D we had, so I just got myself a 500D as a straight replacement. I’d love to have got a much nicer camera, like a 50D or the 5D Mark II, but I really can’t justify spending so much on what amounts to an already expensive hobby. Two cool things though:

  • It has a Full HD video function. I’m going to test it out tomorrow, so it might lead to a new juggling video. Or some kind of video. Or nothing.
  • I bought a 10-24mm new wide angle lens. This should result in much better landscape photographs. And better building photographs. And better interior photographs. And interesting portrait photographs. I’ll see how it goes.
  • On Wednesday I turned 29 years old. In sharing the news on Twitter I discovered a fun thing about Wolfram Alpha. Any time I want to know EXACTLY how old I am, I can just click this link: As a birthday present, my Berlin friends bought me an off-road trails session on a fat tire Segway. I think I’m unjustifiably excited about this.

    I’ve written many words on my latest novel project. Not as many as I’d hoped, but I’ve not been very well.

    I’ve booked my flight to the Turkish Juggling Convention in October. This is going to be awesome. I’ve wanted to go for the past 3 years, but have never had the time. This year I got a cruise ship gig leaving Turkey 2 days after the end of the convention, so I only have to work out travel one way. How could I turn down the opportunity?

    I think that’s everything. Or at least everything I can share.

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