Friday: volleyclub, fire show, etc.

First up, answering some questions from yesterday:

“How high is the mountain?” 2365m, or 7760 ft.

“How did you manage to map the 3D track onto the 3D Maps? Did you use a special app on the iPhone? Or was this a from a dedicated GPS unit?”

The way I made the 3D map was quite simple. I have a Amod GPS tracker. This spits out files in a .log format. I then import the track data into a program called HoudahGeo. I use this software to attach long/lat coordinates to the EXIF data on my photos. It can also spit out a file that opens in Google Earth, a KLM file, or something. Here I can say “Include track data” and “use absolute altitudes”. I opened the file in Google Earth, and un-ticked all the elements I didn’t want to show up (other tracks, photos, labels and suchlike). I then pointed the camera where I wanted it, and did a selection-of-screen-grab using Grab.

That’s it! I found it a bit tricky, as I’d not done all these exact steps before, but once I worked it out I found it quite simple.

On to Friday of the Turkish Juggling Convention. I woke up a lot earlier than I planned, due to my tent warming up to uncomfortable levels. I didn’t take a swim right away, as I just couldn’t be bothered. Instead I had a big breakfast, then sat in the shade on the beach, listening to some music and admiring the view (yes, mostly unclothed ladies).

Following that I hung out in the campsite for most of the afternoon, chatting and juggling, and giving a few workshops on club juggling and backcrosses.

Later in the afternoon I planned to walk along the beach to the ancient ruins, to get there at about sunset, but someone scheduled the volleyclub tournament right at that time. I asked someone to sign me up, and my randomly chosen teammate was Irmac. There were eight teams in total, and we played on a very small court. I didn’t take many photos today, but here are some of the event:

No, you’re meant to catch it…

Much better!

So… Irmac and I won the volleyclub tournament quite handily. The prize was a loaf of bread. Yay!

As night fell we were treated to a very scary sight. Arif flew overhead on a tandem paraglider… and jumped off! He wore a wingsuit, and picked up quite a bit of speed. And he released his chute really late. Or it felt really late, when you see someone plummeting earthward at such a high speed. He landed safely in the field next to the big top.

Talking of the big top, here’s a nice photo I took this evening from across the river:

So… dinner, then some juggling in the big top. The fire show began, and I went over to check it out. But it was just a jam session with burning props, and didn’t keep my interest. I took a few photos, but didn’t really try to get good shots:

I went back to the big top, and decided to video a two club routine I’d developed while waiting in between volleyclub games. I’ll make a separate post about it soon, but it’s already up on YouTube.

I drank tea and played ukulele in the chillout tent for an hour or so, but decided not to stay in for the renegade show. I wrote this blog post instead.

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