Photo: Prinsendam

Last night I performed two shows, as normal. The first was my favorite show in a long time. The audience was in a great mood, and every seat was full. I had lots of heckles and comments shouted at me, and that always makes for a more interesting show. A full-audience standing ovation also makes me very happy, even if I hint at the end of my show that I expect one. Of course, if I didn’t expect one from that audience I wouldn’t mention it.

The Prinsendam

The second show had only half the audience by numbers, but the energy was still very high. Due to incompetent volunteer I fell off my rolla bolla in the finale, which sort of caught me out. Thankfully the audience went with my recovery, and there followed my second standing ovation.

Today is day 19 onboard the Prinsendam. This is the longest single contract I’ve ever done. I bought a bottle of wine back in Portugal, and it has been sitting in my fridge for over two weeks. Last night I took it to the officers bar and shared it with some musicians. Or that was the plan. In the end I drank most of it myself, and woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover.

Normally a hangover wouldn’t be a problem, but this morning I had to do an informal coffee chat with the cruise director, where I get to talk about my story and show and juggling, then take questions from the gathered cruise guests. Funnily enough this draws just as many people as one of my shows, and the theater was full again.

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