Aruba update and photos

Today I left the Prinsendam in Aruba. Normally at the end of a contract I go direct to the airport and fly home. But tomorrow I’m joining another ship here in Aruba, so have to stay overnight.

Normally when I stay overnight for work I stay in a pretty average hotel. Not to shabby, but nothing amazing. But this hotel is a cut above the usual. When I checked in I was told “Here’s your keycard. You’ll nee that if you want to take the shuttle-boat to the private island.”

A hotel with a private island? This is a new experience for me. Instead of joining some other guest entertainers in the hotel bar I decided to take that trip to the private island. The speed boat comes right into the hotel lobby via an underground water inlet from the habour.

The island wasn’t particularly exciting, but I guess that’s the point. I could relax and swim and just hang out without having to worry about anyone swiping my camera or phone. I took photos of flamingos to go with my earlier photos of lizards and dogs. I also spent a while setting up my zoom lens to get a perfect shot of my juggling while sitting on a hammock in front of the sunset.

And, by the time I got back to the hotel lobby, the other guest entertainers were still sitting at the bar, so I joined them for a chat and drink. I did other things today, but I don’t need to write about them now.

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