Aruba to the Maasdam

Dog and Puppy in Aruba

Last night I stayed up way too late, mainly because it was the first time in 20 days that I’ve had free and fast internet connection in bed. I uploaded the photos from yesterday, including the one above. Those dogs were just so cute!

After breakfast Paul and I got a lift to the ship from the hotel. After the king-sized bed, large bathroom, and balcony of the hotel, my inside (no window) cabin with a single bed is a bit of a step down. The light in the bathroom takes 40 seconds to turn on and my knees don’t fit under the desk. Thankfully I’m only on board the Maasdam for three nights.

The official checkout time at the hotel was noon, and I’d purposely not done so before leaving. I left the ship again at 1130, in time to return to the hotel before midday, and jumped on the shuttle boat out to the private island again. My key card didn’t actually work in the little box thing, but the pilot didn’t notice.

On the island I mostly sat under a palm tree, listened to music, read, then swam for a while, then repeated the list over. I also took some fun photos of more lizards, all of whom were far, far more active in the hot sun than they had been the previous evening.

Back on the ship I discovered a friend was on board, so chatted with him over dinner. Many, many, many people talk to me about wanting to be a guest entertainer (of course, my job is one of the best ever), and lots ask for my advice about all kind of things. Not many people, it seems, have what it takes. They have skills, sure, but so often they seem too comfortable in their current position. They won’t put in the work to break through and become both a good singer/musician AND a good performer. No matter how well you can play a piano/guitar/etc, if you don’t have a show, you’ve got nothing.

Anyway, John is doing all he can to get the performering skills to go with his musical skills. It’s good to see someone actually listen to my advice, even though he is going about it in a different way than I imagined. I may go into more detail about this on my blog in the future, as I have a lot to write about.

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