Combat, my latest novel, is now available to download


It’s the followup novel to Minding Tomorrow. You can download it and read it for free, because I’m nice like that. Here’s the link to the Combat page on my website.

For those wondering why this post is also in the juggling category, the novel features a juggler as one of the main characters.

More information:
A near-future military science fiction novel by Luke Burrage.
Length: 52,000 words (equivalent to about 200 pages)
Release date: April 16th, 2010
Cover art by Stefan Kernjak.

Combat is the followup novel set in the same world as Minding Tomorrow. It follows the story of a secret military strike force as it comes to terms with new enemies and new technologies. It also tells the story, set eight years earlier, of a single soldier trying to make a difference in a new West African nation.

The events of this novel take place concurrently with those in Minding Tomorrow, and shares some characters and technologies. However, it is not a sequel, and can be read either before or after Minding Tomorrow. There are some mysteries in Combat that are answered in Minding Tomorrow, and some mysteries in Minding Tomorrow that are answered in Combat.

Of course, there are mysteries in both which will be answered in the third and last novel set in the same world.

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