Two Videos: Irmak’s Trick and Budget Time Juggling

I uploaded two videos over the last two days. One is very old, and one is brand new.

First, while I’m staying here in Istanbul, I’ve met up with lots of local jugglers. I’ve been asked to do various tricks, and I always enjoy a challenge. On Saturday night I spent about an hour learning to hoola-hoop while balancing a stage ball on the top of my head. Then Irmak asked if I could help work out a trick which involved multiplexes and under-arm-behind-the-back catches. She had her own ideas, but this is my interpretation:

Second video, from back in 2004. I was practicing a lot with 5 clubs, as that is how you get really good at 5 clubs. One day I decided to do video myself, and to make a matrix-like bullet time video. Because I only used one camera, and lots of running back and forth to the camera, I decided to call it “budget time”.

This morning I tracked down a whole load of old mpg video files from 2000 to 2003. I made well over 100 videos in that time, so I’m planning to edit them together into a memory reel, and release it on YouTube in a few days.

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