Minding Tomorrow released online.

Tonight I finished a long term project: an idea for a novel kicking around in my head for years, many aborted attempts to get words on the page, finally completing a first draft last year, lots of editing, and lots of feedback from test readers over six months…

Now my first novel, the newly named Minding Tomorrow, is available for downloading, reading and sharing under a Creative Commons license. That means it’s free!

Here’s some blurb to get you interested:

A near-future, non-linear, multiple-character, science fiction/mystery/thriller novel by Luke Burrage. Length: 46,000 words (equivalent to 200 pages).

“A wealthy investor living the highlife, an outcast returning to his homeland after 20 years, a computer programmer looking for a new challenge, a shadowy figure pulling strings behind the scenes, a student with an unusual problem…

This novel follows a wide cast of characters as they try to find their way in an uncertain future, coming to terms with new technologies, shifting politics, natural catastrophes, and other problems on a more human scale.

Many questions are raised along the way: Who are these people and what links them together? Can any one person change the world? Just because you can, does it mean you should?”

Reader quotes:

“I really enjoyed reading the book and would certainly re-read it again. Very enjoyable. By your criteria I would give it 4 stars!! … I can’t emphasise enough just how much I enjoyed it and it was really nice to have to THINK about a book for once.” – Tamer Sadek

“…original, offbeat and compelling.” – David Lim.

“I’m greatly impressed with what you have created! I enjoyed the story very much, especially when I read it the second time. Also, you demonstrated that it is possible to write a “first” story that’s already better than books I’ve paid real money for…” – Georg

“There were a few parts were my heart started pounding and I was wondering what was going to happen next. Inevitably, I would get some work to do right at that moment and have to hurry through so I could get back to reading.” – Rory Rezzelle

“I’m almost half way through the story now… The twist was well timed; I was wondering where all of it was going. By the end of the chapter an audible, chuckling oh shit! escaped my mouth, and now I can’t wait to read the rest of it… Overall, I’m sorry I didn’t read it sooner. This is some pretty fun stuff.” – Evan Lamb

“It was surprisingly good, much better than I was expecting. Can I read your next one?” – Nathan Rae, my twin brother.

Summer Tour 2009

Summer Tour 2009

Summer Tour 2009

Each year Pola and I attend the European Juggling Convention. We like to combine it with a 3 week holiday in the same area/country. Then we perform at a few street show festivals. Having a camper van makes this trip a highlight of our year, and a real break from the normal plane and cruise ship traveling I do for work. That said, I’ll be doing one cruise gig in the middle of the holiday as we didn’t get as much street show work as we’d have liked.

The above map shows a rough route, but I’ll be updating the map in real time on the Sosauce.com trip app as we go along. The current plan involves:

  • Visit Pola’s friends and parents in Aachen, Germany.
  • Visit Brussels.
  • Visit Paris (including a bike riding rally game).
  • Visit the Dune de Pylat, the largest sand dune in Europe.
  • Surfing in Biarritz.
  • A vague two weeks that are empty of any plans, but will be spent in the North of Spain.
  • The European Juggling Convention in Vittoria.
  • See the Pamplona Running of the Bulls. The San Fermin Festival happens at the same time as the EJC, and only 100km away. And before you ask; no, I won’t be running in front of the bulls myself. I’ll watch from a distance.
  • Visit friends in Lisbon for four or five days.
  • Visit Madrid
  • Visit Andorra. This will complete my set of visited European Microstates.
  • Visit Zurich. Pola will meet friends and family in the area. I’ll fly off to do a cruise ship gig (details later).
  • Perform at the Feldkirch street show festival.
  • And back to Berlin for the second weekend in August!

    If our trip to Greece two years ago is anything to go by, this summer is going to be awesome! Updates on this blog and via twitter.