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Tip: let a member of the opposite sex help you fill out your online dating service profile.

Based on a true story (for real): “It wants a profile picture.” “Use the same one as your Facebook profile, as you look cool with the camera in your hand and the way it covers half your face makes you … Continue reading

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“Get a job!” – bootstrap pulling skills and becoming a professional juggler.

This story was originally written as a forum post, when someone asked, in relation to Occupy Wall Street reactionary comments like “Get a job!”: “Please could some of you successful forum members tell the story of how you became successful … Continue reading

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The main influence on my songwriting

Over the 15 years I’ve been writing music, who has had the biggest influence over my songwriting? Good question. There are intangible and tangible links between the different styles of songs I write and other musicians, but there is one … Continue reading

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Statue photo project – Heinrich von Kleist

The best thing about being a juggler is that the main activity of a juggler is learning how to do things. And because a juggler is learning a lot, the best way to get better at juggling is to learn … Continue reading

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Luke Burrage’s Photography Gear

As I get better at photography, and share more of my photos, many people ask me what camera I use. Many photographers take this as an insult, as in “You don’t ask a good cook what oven he uses” or … Continue reading

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