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I like good customer service. I bought a coat Last December. A few months later some of the fabric was fraying around the edges. I took it back to the shop and they gave me my money back. Why can’t … Continue reading

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Pola one, Luke a million. Pola wins.

A few weeks ago (Monday, March 3rd) I mentioned that Pola and I “made” a table tennis table for our living room. It isn’t ONLY for table tennis, as we also use it for larger dinner/breakfast gatherings and for large … Continue reading

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The day I went viral.

Back in 2003 I made a fun little animation (see above) and posted it online. It went viral, and so many people linked to it that it crashed my website. For the next few months I got loads of emails … Continue reading

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Crystal clear.

Last week I posted about completing a first draft of a novel. Tektonick added a comment, including the line: “…I want to say that I’m very impressed with all the projects you seem to keep pushing forward so damn easily. … Continue reading

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Submitting to fiction publications?

Timo added this to the end of a comment on a previous post: “By the way, are planning to submit your novellas to any science fiction magazines? Analog/Asimov’s/F&SF?” I’d never given the idea any thought, so I looked up the … Continue reading

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