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Back on track.

I had my August novel all planned, well thought out, everything ready to go. Two stories would be told side by side, chapter by chapter, with one showing the back story of one main character, Adam, and the other following … Continue reading

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A message to new podcasters about titles and ID3 tags.

I just posted this to a forum, but thought I’d post it here too, so I can link to it easily when asked for podcasting advice. Sort out your titles and ID3 tags right now! Not every single person downloads … Continue reading

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Where I write.

I’ve seen links all over to the website called Where I Write, which features photos of science fiction and fantasy authors in the places where they write. For example: So, after seeing yet another link to the same website, I … Continue reading

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Filter vs Datedness in old science fiction.

I got an interesting listener email about old science fiction. Here’s an excerpt: Listening to your previous review of Jules Verne’s novel I remembered that as a kid I used to get his books from the library all the time, … Continue reading

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Photos from July 2009

I’ve uploaded loads of photos this evening, from Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Norway, Svalbard, Iceland and Lichtenstein. The first album, mainly holiday photos of Pola and I, can be found here: The second album is more travel and … Continue reading

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