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New art from Jeremy Geddes on my wall

Someone called Jeremy Geddes asked to be my friend on Facebook, and I didn’t recognise his name. I googled and discovered he is an artist, and paints pictures of (among other things) astronauts. He’s also a listener to my Science … Continue reading

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Berlin Juggling Convention 2010

I had to write an article about the Berlin Juggling Convention this year, and I need some photos. Instead of focusing the show and normal things that appear in convention reviews, I’d concentrate on five other things: Daniel’s Geek Table, … Continue reading

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25 expressions

Someone posted this sheet to a discussion forum I frequent. It’s full of arty types, so this kind of challenge brings out all kinds of fun stuff. Here’s Adam’s submission: Here’s mine. I made the joke before anyone else: Rym … Continue reading

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luke burrage classroom #3: club slide-to-balance

I’ve been a bit obsessed with this trick for the last week. Let the balanced club drop off the side of the other club. As it falls, the weight of it dropping will start the club to turn. Catch again … Continue reading

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