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Dinosaur Roller Skates – Strip Search #ElimComic

I spent only 25 minutes drawing this, with one attempt at each drawing only. It took me longer to scan each piece of paper and arrange it into a singe image. For confused readers, you need to keep up with … Continue reading

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Just Colcord’s Apartment

Who’s this little guy? Zongo. He’s a hard smoking wooden robot, made by Just Colcord. Just invited me around to check out his apartment, and I must admit it was the most interesting place I visited during my stay in … Continue reading

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Rape Stand-Up Comedy Material Competition – Luke’s Verdict

George Carlin Has a good point. I do believe any comedian should be able to joke about whatever they want. However, I think he does a very bad job with it. He talks about “every joke needs an exaggeration” but … Continue reading

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I’d like to explain why I like to avoid spoilers. Emotions. My definition of art is something created by human agency with the intention of eliciting an emotional response from the viewer/reader/listener/participant/etc. This isn’t an unassailable definition, but as an … Continue reading

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What People Think I Do – Professional Juggler

Facebook is evolving into people sharing more about what they are consuming compared to what they are doing. Personally I like to share the media I am consuming, especially if it is worth other people spending time on it. But … Continue reading

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